Phil Bartlett

Managing Director

Just because it’s called ‘work’ doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be fun, and it’s not rocket science that teams who enjoy working together ultimately produce better work. Phil has been cultivating this ethos at CDM London since he joined in 2014. He is a passionate and wholehearted believer in the power of strong team dynamics, not only within CDM London and our wider agency partners, but also between the agency and the client.

Having spent more than 15 years working with major health brands, Phil’s experience boasts some of the biggest names around – from Viagra, Crestor and Humira in Rx, to Coca-Cola and J&J in consumer health and complex portfolio branding with the likes of Bayer, Pfizer, ViiV and J&J Vision Care. Before leading CDM London, he spent time at McCann, Saatchi Health, Ogilvy and Grey.

Olly Caporn

Creative Director

Olly is an Art Director by trade, but a writer at heart. He believes that while a creative environment is key to great creative, the truth is the most powerful strategy you can use to produce lifechanging work.

Since joining CDM London in September 2013, Olly has overseen the creative rejuvenation and massive growth of the agency, picking up multiple accolades along the way. In 2015, his work for Shield Therapeutics’ ‘Boring Symposium’ campaign won three bronzes at Lions Health in Cannes and propelled CDM London to second place in the Agency of the Year award. Before this he had a hand in many award-winning campaigns as the Creative Director at ICC, and spent time at HAVAS working on large consumer brands, including Peugeot, Citroen, VO5, Abbey National and WeightWatchers.

Julia Straker

Head of Planning

If you’re looking for Julia, chances are you’ll find her immersed in a sea of insights into the world of her target audience. She’ll be digging to the heart of a marketing challenge to create ideas that elicit an emotional response first and foremost, as well as factoring in measurement right from the start as opposed to making it an after-thought.

Having completed a BSc in neuroscience and pharmacology and a Masters in business, Julia has been a rising star from the very beginning. Starting her career on the DAS Accelerate marketing graduate programme, she worked with a range of healthcare agencies within the Omnicom network (Adelphi, Hall & Partners and FleishmanHillard, to name a few). She cut her teeth as a planner mentored by some of the finest strategic thinkers in the business at TBWA\Paling Walters before moving to set up the planning department at PAN Unlimited and becoming the Head of Planning at CDM London in 2015. Along with her extensive experience in oncology, IBD, PAH, post-menopausal osteoporosis and life sciences, she’s also been part of global launches in diabetes and Alzheimer’s as well as developing a first-of-its kind strategic approach for Lipitor’s loss of exclusivity.

Cathryn Tune, PhD

Head of Scientific Strategy

There’s nothing that Cathryn loves more than to distil an ocean of data and customer insights to uncover those 'golden nuggets' that truly differentiate a pipeline agent or brand and help set the stage for behaviour-changing strategies. For almost 15 years, she has ensured scientific/medical relevance and integrity throughout the strategic and creative development processes of some of the most successful and scientifically complex agents/brands in the industry.

Cathryn’s scientific interests and analytical skills were cultivated over 10 years of lab research during her PhD in Immunology at the University of Toronto and postdoctorate at Columbia University in NYC.

Jon Linscott

Client Partnership Director

Jon’s focus and key interest is, and always has been, to deliver great work by engendering a close and open relationship between client and agency. Ensuring that we have the right people doing the right things at the right time is the way to create lifechanging work not only for our clients but most importantly for the healthcare community and for patients.

When it comes to experience, Jon has done it all. He started his career as a Vaccine Sales Representative in 1995, before moving to the role of UK Product Manager and then finally taking the plunge into agency life with roles at LPB Advertising, McCann, and PAN Unlimited where he was ultimately Managing Director. With more than 16 years of agency experience, Jon joined CDM in 2016 where he has overseen large global accounts for Ascensia Diabetes Care, Teva and Takeda to name a few.

Sarah Verhoeff

Client Partnership Director

Although it’s safe to say she has plenty of her own, Sarah thrives on the energy of her team. She satisfies her OCD nature by methodically coordinating their varied skillsets and lending her strategic insight to work towards the common goal of producing industry-leading work that translates into lifechanging results for the brand and its patients.

Having worked in advertising for more than 18 years, with the last 15 dedicated to healthcare, Sarah’s experience is broad and, with most of her career spent in the US, global. As well as vast experience with CNS portfolios for multiple sclerosis, psychiatry, Parkinson’s, paediatric ADHD and the first new Alzheimer’s treatment for 15 years, she’s also delivered full-service marketing and support programmes in areas including gastroenterology, respiratory, rare diseases and dermatology.

Manoj Bhate

European Finance Director

Manoj believes that the finance team are key partners to the business and clients and have a positive impact to make in many aspects of the business. CDM Finance is a mix of several nationalities and reflects the needs of a global business. Before joining CDM London in 2012, Manoj had worked for several other companies in the Omnicom Group for 12 years.